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3.8L Two Styles Pet Automatic Feeder Small Size Large Capacity Cat Dog Water Feeder with Non-slip base Pet Food Container

Product Description:
Item Type:Pet Automatic Feeder

1. The improved version of the product features small size, 3.8L large capacity, the straight barrel is beautiful.
2. The water/food feeder has 4 colors and 2 design and can feed the pet automatically.
3. The siphon device at the bottom of the water dispenser can prevent water leakage and effectively control the speed of water replenishment and consumption. The top is removable and water can be injected directly from the top, which is very convenient. The feeder has a large opening which does not block food and all particles will not be stuck.
4. The base is anti-slip so you do not worry that your pet will overturn the food and water.
5. 3.8L large-capacity automatic feeder can accommodate about 3.5kg of grain, suitable for small dogs/cats for 7-10 days, medium-sized and large dogs for 1-3 days. The automatic water dispenser can hold about 7 bottles of 500 ml mineral water, suitable for small and medium-sized dogs and cats for 3-5 days.
6. This product is suitable for all dogs and cats.

Package Include:
1 x pet feeder

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