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Silicone Wall Hanging Sticky Vase - Removable


Magic silicone vase to add more excitement to your home - aerial vase

There's no need for nails, hooks or glue to avoid hardware damage

1. The creative vases are made of nanoscale polymer materials, which are resistant to tear and high temperature. No need to nail, no damage to the wall, no glue mark design.

2. Adopt new high polymer material, make the back of the vase by means of nanotechnology countless small suction cups adsorb the smooth surface, super absorbency lets you place as you like.

4. Nanoscale polymer material, non-toxic and tasteless.

5. Reusable, absolutely environmentally friendly.

6.Easy to use, the paste can be used.


Color: yellow, blue, pink, white

Weight: 50g

Size: 15*15cm

Package Included:

1* silicone vase

Color A
Color B

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