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Abdominal Stimulator Muscle Toner


EMS TECHNOLOGY -- EMS through current stimulation, directly send signal to muscles, and promote muscles movement. All you need to do is to fit the pads to your body and let them exercise your muscles. A safe & healthy way to gain amazing muscles.

-  Professional Muscle Training&Fat Burning: The stimulator kit, including 1 abdomen patch and 2 arm/leg patches, has 6 modes and 10 intensities for you to easily build up the muscle.

-  Safe EMC Microcurrent: The muscle stimulators adopt intelligent technology to help you break the body limit and achieve efficient fat loss or natural exercises on the muscle.

-  Eight-pack Design For Balanced Force Receiving: Like the second layers of skin that close to our body, the patch can spread even force on main area to shape the beautiful muscle.

 Close Skin Gel Conduction Patch: Skin friendly material allows for cool touch, super smooth muscle relaxing and massaging.

-  Easy Button Control: Each comes with a controller that has working lights for convenient recognition. Adjust the trainers through three switches: On/Intensity Increasing, Off/Intensity Decreasing, Mode Adjusting.

-  Made For All People: For those who love fitness, want to lose weight or build muscle. Build up your muscle at home, at the office or when you are having fitness exercises.

-  Another Kit Choice: You can also choose the kit with muscle stimulator for your hips if you want to have beautiful buttocks or that called Peach Buttocks.



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